All kind of Heidelberg Head / Creo Head / Kodak Head / Heidelberg 20 watts (TH1.0) / Kodak 40 watts (TH1.7) also 50watts (TH2.0 ,TH 2.5, TH2.7) can be repaired by our certified engineers. In our laboratory , We check all kind of Kodak head and also Creo Head then We calculate the repairing cost and arrange with our customer for repairing .

Kodak head or Creo head work with special technology called light valve (LVD).So it is too much complicate to calibrate the Laser beam array with LVD board also the mirror inside . but with our team , it can be possible in best condition .

We replace the defective laser diode with new one also change other defective Parts inside then fully calibration for best result and expose the plate for all test . Our new Laser diode for Kodak head or Creo head is more lifetime also much power than the original inside the Kodak head .

For faster service, we can offer a laser as the same as yours or faster than your laser head in Exchange and ready for shipment, so your machine did not stop.

We send the new Kodak or Creo head within 24 hours. Your defective laser has to be sent back in exchange. We guarantee to get your machine running again as soon as possible.

Our highly trained, certified engineers will install, calibrate and test the Kodak head in your CTP system via Team-viewer software. So , if your machine has problem , you can call us or send email . Our technician connect via Team-viewer software to your machine and find the error free of any charge , then we give you a budget-friendly price for repairing .

*All price is best and fully guaranty.