Get access to immediate support and assistance in resolving Software, machine or workflow problems and going switch to full operational mode.Our fully certified team is available via a telephone call to help all operators.
Call us anytime. Our team can support your entire Software problems, Hardware Problems or workflow via Team viewer. Prepress problems sometimes are so complicated to repair so with regular maintenance and services you can have non-stop running machinery.

Typically, during the preventive maintenance visit our technician will check your machinery for early signs of problems like unexpected error. They will set the factory parameters of your machine and re-align the imaging system, replace filters (manufacturer 's guidelines) and lubricate the moving parts.

Regular maintenance visits will make the life of your pre-press equipment more.
Also you can get service contract 24/7 or 9/5 for affordable charge.
We're always available when you need us.

Free Remote Diagnostics

We offer Team viewer remote diagnostic support for CTP equipment and workflow software also for media change or set a new media.
Remote Diagnostics fees are refunded as a credit with laser repair or replacement services.

24/7 Service

For the Manager whose production never stops 24 / 7, We can offer a 24/7 Service contracts for telephone call or team viewer.

9/5 Service

For the manager whose work 9 hour per day, we can offer 8:00 am till 5:00 pm service contract also affordable too.


We sell the machine include free Training in our site and also we train your employee how to operate with Machine and normal maintenance.
If you didn't get your machinery from us also we can offer you the same Training but with affordable price

We train on:

  1. Creo/Kodak CTP Systems
  2. Heidelberg CTP Systems

* For all Service contract parts are not included.